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Apart from manufacturing of HPLC/UPLC flow meters, we also provide calibration services for other brands of HPLC/UPLC flow meters. We also provide sample testing services on Relequa’s MP-1000 Moisture Profiling System at our lab in Thane.

  • Calibration – Our HPLC/UPLC flow meter calibration lab is well equipped with Shimadzu Model LC-20AD UFLC Pumps which are gravimetrically calibrated using Shimadzu Model AUW220D Analytical Balance. We use E2 Class Weights traceable to NABL standards for calibration of analytical balance. We maintain all traceability documents in our lab and can share copies of the same with the customers as and when requested. Our staff is well trained to handle these sophisticated instruments and perform calibrations of HPLC/UPLC flow meters.

  • Testing – We have Relequa Model MP-1000 Moisture Profiling System in our lab. Using this system we test hygroscopic materials such as pharmaceutical samples of APIs, blends and tablets. We aim to find out lowest WVEP (Water Vapour Equilibrium Point) of the sample. This lowest WVEP value of the sample is the %RH ‘at or below which’ the sample can be stored or handled safely.


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